Think Like a CEO and Get Rich

This book describes my seven year journey to financial freedom. No one needs to be stuck doing a job they don’t like for forty or fifty years. Simple steps like making a plan, living a happy but frugal life up until you escape the rat race, and properly investing your money in proven wealth building vehicles such as the stock market and real estate, will help you to retire well ahead of everyone else. This book details how my wife and I were able to save thousands of extra dollars each month and eventually create large streams of income (much of it tax free) for life. Follow the steps outlined in this book, retire decades ahead of everyone else, and then go and start living the life you truly want.




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My Story

It only took a few years of work for me to realize that a soul sucking job was not the way I wanted to spend the rest of my life. I started reading every personal finance book I could get my hands on, took courses on financial planning, and started studying the strategies used by some of the most successful business leaders and CEOs of our time. In the process, I realized that it is possible to achieve financial freedom at a young age and to retire decades before many think possible.

I retired from my full time job in 2012, at the age of thirty six, and since then have focused on pursuing work or hobbies that I truly enjoy. I became a pilot and part-time flight instructor, spent more time with my two young children, and am now spending my second year living oversees in Spain. It has been an absolutely amazing journey, and I truly feel blessed to be able to live out these adventures.

I wrote Think Like a CEO and Get Rich during my first year in Spain and am thrilled with the final product. Now, in my second year here in Spain, I’ve decided to start this blog and actually publish my book on Amazon. My hope is that this book and this blog help others to achieve financial freedom, retire early, and start doing more of the things they really want. Achieving financial freedom decades before normal is absolutely possible, and this book will show you how. All you need to do is get started.